Validator Nodes

Driving the Empowerment of Decentralization in the Blockchain Landscape

The global distribution of validator nodes plays a vital role in ensuring the decentralization and security of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. These nodes serve as the backbone, validating transactions and maintaining consensus, making them crucial for the widespread adoption and resilience of the future decentralized web.

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Driving Decentralization: Our Nodes in Costa Rica Empowering Web 3.0

Our nodes, strategically located in safe and secure Costa Rica, equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and supported by a dedicated data center, play a crucial role in advancing decentralization, ensuring the reliability and integrity of the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Our Nodes

Aleph Zero
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36,400 AZERO

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Buyers Trade Mission 2023

A spectacular event, Buyers Trade Mission (BTM), organized by the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (PROCOMER), marks a significant milestone in the country's economic journey.

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