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Buyers Trade Mission 2023

October 24, 2023

San José, Costa Rica, September 27, 2023 - Costa Rica, the vibrant heart of Central America, once again showcased its entrepreneurial spirit on the global stage with the launch of the 25th annual Buyers Trade Mission (BTM). This spectacular event, organized by the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (PROCOMER), marks a significant milestone in the country's economic journey. On September 27 and 28, BTM 2023 opened at the prestigious Costa Rican Convention Center, with more than 600 companies from various sectors, including agriculture, food, and specialty industries and services participating.

The opening ceremony was attended by a number of high-profile guests, including the President of the Republic of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves; the Minister of Foreign Trade and Chairman of the Board of Directors of PROCOMER, Manuel Tovar; and the CEO of PROCOMER, Pedro Beirute. The event was not only a demonstration of Costa Rica's trade prowess, but also a celebration of its open economy, which relies on 17 free trade agreements that cover nearly 80% of international trade.


This year's edition of BTM attracted more than 300 international buyers from 47 countries, forming an important bridge between Costa Rican businesses and the global market. The largest delegations came from countries such as the United States, India, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and Guatemala. More than 600 Costa Rican exporters participated, representing a rich variety of more than 2,000 products and services.


During the event, Manuel Tovar emphasized the country's commitment to global trade with these words: "Costa Rica is a country open to trade. Today we celebrate another edition of BTM, which is a key tool for domestic businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to raise their visibility and secure new business opportunities."


Pedro Beirute, CEO of PROCOMER, echoed these words and highlighted the key role of BTM in the Costa Rican economy, saying, "BTM is a vital tool for Costa Rica's export sector, especially for micro and small and medium enterprises. Through BTM, we bring the world to Costa Rica and enable these businesses to create more and better business opportunities, leading to increased economic development and prosperity for all."


The diversity of sectors represented at BTM 2023 was staggering. Thirty-one per cent of the participating businesses were in the food sector, 21% in services, 20% in specialized sectors, 13% in agriculture and 15% operating in multiple sectors. Remarkably, though, the event goes beyond simply facilitating exports; it is also a magnet for potential foreign investors. Fifteen of the buying companies in attendance are exploring investment opportunities in Costa Rica, in a wide range of sectors including agriculture, agri-food, agro-technology, information and communications technology and advanced manufacturing.

In an insightful move, BTM 2023 also introduced the "Buy From Costa Rica" digital platform, which is revolutionizing business connections. This innovative tool, provided by PROCOMER, promotes seamless interaction between Costa Rican exporters and global buyers. "Buy From Costa Rica" enables companies to accelerate revenue generation and simplifies product searches for consumers. With customized product catalogs and direct connections, Costa Rican businesses can expand their reach more efficiently and effectively.


BTM 2023 was a beacon of the Costa Rican entrepreneurial spirit, illuminating the path to a future defined by innovation, collaboration, and global prosperity. The event stands as a testament to Costa Rica's commitment to fostering meaningful connections, nurturing business growth, and setting the stage for a better economic environment not only for the nation, but for the world.