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Collaborative Forces Unleashed

August 27, 2023

Collaborative Forces Unleashed: Join the Sustainable Blockchain Movement at Blockchain Jungle

Blockchain technology has long been heralded as a transformative force, but the integration of sustainability takes it to a whole new level. Juan C. Guerrero, the Chief Executive Director of Blockchain Jungle, emphasizes that, "Blockchain Jungle 2023 is more than just a conference. It's a statement to the world that Costa Rica is ready to be a pioneer in sustainable blockchain technology. This is where the future of blockchain meets sustainability."

In the lush green landscapes of Costa Rica, a visionary conference is set to revolutionize the world of blockchain technology. Blockchain Jungle 2023, a one-day event to be held on November 16th, 2023, at the Convention Center in San José, aims to position Costa Rica as a global blockchain hub by 2030. Beyond being a mere conference, Blockchain Jungle is a movement, a beacon that signals Costa Rica's commitment to sustainable blockchain development and its rich cultural heritage.

Costa Rica: The Fertile Ground for the Green Revolution

Costa Rica's pristine natural beauty and its tradition of sustainability form the perfect backdrop for the green revolution in blockchain. The nation has long been committed to eco-consciousness, making it an ideal setting to ignite a movement that unites technology and environmental preservation. As Guerrero proclaims, "Blockchain is not just a technology, it's a movement. And in Costa Rica, we're combining that movement with our rich tradition of sustainability. The result is Blockchain Jungle, a beacon for the world showing how technology and eco-consciousness can shape the future together."

The conference theme, "Igniting a Green Revolution: Costa Rica's Blockchain Uprising," underscores the mission to bridge the gap between technology and sustainability. By embracing blockchain technology while preserving its natural wonders, Costa Rica aims to emerge as a global leader in sustainable blockchain development.


Collaborative Voices: Local and Global Stakeholders Unite

At the heart of Blockchain Jungle lies collaboration—a harmonious union of global thought leaders and local stakeholders. The event will feature more than 30 speakers, including renowned blockchain pioneers and industry leaders such as Nick Szabo, Perianne Boring, Kathy Hackl, and Samson Mow. Glenda Umaña and Samuel Burke, esteemed locals, will also grace the stage alongside Costa Rican dignitaries, including Minister of Technology Paula Bogantes and PROCOMER CEO Pedro Beirute.

Guerrero emphasizes the significance of this collaborative environment: "Our aim with Blockchain Jungle is to ignite a revolution, uniting blockchain with sustainability and positioning Costa Rica as a global blockchain hub." This transformative conference fosters crucial dialogue between policymakers, innovators, and industry experts, as mentioned in his statement to Policy Publications.

Sustainable Blockchain Goals for Costa Rica's Future

The pivotal linkage between sustainability and blockchain is at the core of Costa Rica's aspirations. Blockchain Jungle is a testament to Costa Rica's commitment to a greener future, as stated in Tech Publications: "We're on a mission to redefine the landscape of blockchain technology through sustainability. Blockchain Jungle is a testament to this vision, serving as a platform for technological innovation that respects and preserves our environment."


This commitment to sustainability reflects Costa Rica's broader initiatives to protect its natural resources and promote renewable energy. The conference aims to leverage this commitment to attract global stakeholders, create an eco-friendly blockchain ecosystem, and shape Costa Rica into a global beacon for green innovation.

Celebrating Costa Rican Culture

Blockchain Jungle is not only about technology and sustainability; it is also a celebration of Costa Rica's vibrant culture. By embracing cultural elements, the conference seeks to create meaningful connections with the local community and showcase the nation's identity on the global stage. As the conference website aptly states, "Blockchain Jungle is more than a global conference; it's a celebration of our Costa Rican heritage, our commitment to sustainability, and our step forward into the realm of blockchain. Together, we are shaping the future of our country."


Blockchain Jungle 2023 is poised to be a transformative event that unites blockchain technology and sustainability, propelling Costa Rica towards its goal of becoming a global blockchain hub. The conference's collaborative environment, featuring influential speakers from around the world and esteemed local figures, embodies the spirit of unity needed to drive sustainable blockchain development. As the conference date approaches, the anticipation grows, and the world eagerly awaits the green revolution to be ignited at Blockchain Jungle. Secure your seat now.